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Volunteer Task Descriptions

As a non-profit organization, the Texas Bicycle Coalition is dependent upon members who believe in our mission to help us accomplish our goals. If you would like to help, go to the on-line membership form on the "Join Now" page, and fill out the volunteer section at the bottom of the form. Thank you for your support!

    We can always use help in the office, from answering phones to help with mailings to data entry. The TBC office is located in Austin, TX. If you will be traveling through the area, why not stop by and help out for a few hours? We'd love to meet you! (NOTE: Please call first, so that we can make arrangements!)
    Do you start your morning with a cup of coffee and the newspaper? Then please sign up to be on TBC’s clipping crew. As a clipper, your task is to peruse your local newspaper for bicycle-related articles, editorials and letters, cut them out and send them to TBC on a regular basis. This keeps us current on local issues. We’ll provide the envelopes, you provide the scissors! Call the office at (512) 476-RIDE (7433) to request envelopes.
    We seek authors for articles on a wide variety of topics, to be included in either the newsletter or in the Members Forum on this Web site. We can assign you specific stories, or you can submit your story ideas. Editorials and creative writing are encouraged. We cannot pay for stories, but we will cover reasonable expenses like long-distance calls, film and mileage.
    Although this volunteer activity is still in the development stages, we are seeking cyclists from across the state who are interested in being part of TBC's network of contacts. Thus far, it is an informal network of people who keep tabs on local issues and keep us informed. Required is an interest in the policy side of bicycling ... the many processes which decide if, when, and how bicycles will be accommodated on streets, highways and trails. Many local cycling clubs have designated one of their club members to act as a TBC liaison in this respect, but we encourage individuals to sign up as well.
    So many organizations request that we table their events that our meager staff cannot possibly attend them all! If you know of an event or would be interested in staffing a table, let us know and we will make arrangements to brief you on how to present TBC to the public. Also, this task generally requires that we arrange to ship banners and print materials to you, so please give us plenty of lead time!
    We seek people with skills in non-profit accounting, legal experts on bicycle issues, fundraising, graphic design and more. If you have a special talent that you would like to offer, please let us know! YOU are the secret to TBC's success!

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