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  1. 2004 Tour de France - Wikipedia
  2. Cycloblog
  3. Jeff Cross | Tour Trivia
  4. LOGos Tour Blog
  5. Le Tour Delicieux!
  6. Maillot Jaune
  7. Pedal - Canada's Cycling Magazine
  8. Peloton Blog
  9. Velogal's Race Blog
  10. kwc blog

Riders Diaries

  1. Bradley McGee
  2. Jan Ullrich (de)
  3. Grischa Niermann (de)
  4. Paolo Bettini
  5. Servais Knaven

ProTour blogs

  1. Frank Steele
  2. Oskar van Rijswijk
  3. Sammarye Lewis
  4. Tim Madden

ProTour specials

  1. UCI ProTour
  2. VeloNews
  3. Cycling4All

ProTour calendars

  1. CyclingNews
  2. Eurosport
  3. Tour


  1. CycleDisciple
  2. CyclingNews
  3. CyclingPost
  4. Daily Peloton
  5. PezCycling News
  6. ProCycling
  7. Roadcycling
  8. VeloNews

Media specials

  1. BBC
  2. CBS
  3. CNN
  4. Eurosport
  5. ESPN wire
  6. NewsNow
  7. Topix
  8. Yahoo!
  9. Yahoo!

ProTour reporters


  1. BBC in pictures
  2. CyclingNews photo's
  3. Eurosport video
  4. Graham Watson photo's
  5. Radsport Aktif video

Le Tour de France

  1. Le Tour
  2. Route (flash)
  3. Tour Jargon
  4. Tour Jersey's
  5. Tour Retro
  6. Wikipedia
  7. Daily Peloton
  8. Eurosport
  9. Radsport Aktiv
  10. Sportblogz
  11. ZDF (de)

Closed specials:

Tour de France 2004 (intro)
Tour de France 2003 (intro)

  1. Search Blogs


DINO Series Indiana

  1. BBC SPORT _ Cycling _ Tour de France
  2. BBC SPORT _ Other Sport _ Cycling _ Tour de France 2003
  3. Bicycling Forums_ Bicycling Tour de France Forum
  5. DINO Series Indiana
  6. Google Groups _
  7. SC - Scottish Cycling
  8. VeloNews_ Race Coverage
  9. Welcome to

iCalShare - Share Your iCalendars!

  1. Austin Cycling Home
  2. Bicycle Business
  3. Commencal, Bienvenue sur le site des bicycles d'opinion
  5. Grizzly Peak Cyclists, Inc. Home Page
  6. http___www.clarioncc.org_
  7. iCalShare - Share Your iCalendars!
  8. Tour de France _ bienvenue sur le site officiel
  9. TourBlog

Teoma Search_ tour de france forums

  1. AudiWorld Forums_ Tour de France allroad
  2. Bicycling_ Tour De France 2005
  3. Bike Forums - bicycle discussion forums.
  4. BikeCafe >> The Worldwide Cycling Portal
  5. Cell Phone Forums - who will win the tour de france
  6. Forums
  7. Cycling Forums
  8. Cyclismag, le cyclisme   visage humain _ magazine du cyclisme
  9. - Trips - Tour de France - Overview
  10. EYO Forums
  11. Teoma Search_ tour de france forums
  12. Tour de France - IronMagazine Bodybuilding, Health & Fitness Forums
  13. Tour de France - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  14. Tour de France __ Afghania Portal __ Afghans Online Community! Afghan MP3 Music, Forums, Chat a
  15. Use Sunscreen When You Ride
  16. Vélo 101, le site officiel du vélo ® _ route, vtt, piste, cyclo-cross, bmx, cyclotourisme, c
  17. __ we got suck

Yahoo! Groups _ Directory

  1. Yahoo! Groups _ Directory
  2. Yahoo! Groups _ Search Results

Stage Maps and Info

  1. BBC Sport
  2. Bicycling Magazine
  3. CBS
  4. (Info)
  5. (Map)
  6. (Flash)
  7. Eurosport
  8. Le Tour de France (Flash)
  9. Sports Illustrated (Info)
  10. Sports Illustrated (Map)
  11. VeloNews (HTML)
  12. VeloNews (Flash)
  13. Yahoo! Sports (Flash)

Photo Galleries

  1. Bicycling Magazine
  2. BBC Sport
  3. CBS
  5. VeloNews
  6. Yahoo! Sports

Message Boards

  1. Bicycling Magazine\
  4. VeloNews

Tour Diaries

  1. Ted Arnold (
  2. Chris Brewer (
  3. Chris Carmichael (
  4. Chris Carmichael (OLN)
  5. Chris Carmichael (VeloNews)
  6. Dylan Casey (
  7. Sammarye Lewis (
  8. Phil Liggett (OLN)
  9. Patrick Merle (
  10. Bob Roll (OLN)
  11. Paul Sherwen (OLN)
  12. Will Swetnam (
  13. Graham Watson (
  14. Various (Bicycling)
  15. Various (
  16. Various (VeloNews)

Tour Websites

  1. Austin American-Statesman
  3. BBC Sport
  4. Bicycling Magazine
  5. CBS
  8. Eurosport
  10. Google News
  12. Le Tour de France
  13. LOGos Tour Blog
  15. SBS TV
  16. Sports Illustrated
  17. Tour de France 2003
  18. VeloNews
  19. Yahoo! Sports (English)
  20. Yahoo! Sports (French)

Tour Calendar

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Bicycle Blogs
A directory of blogs, about bikes, by cyclists
  1. The Adventures of Crazy Biker Chick (0/522) / 0
    The Adventures of Crazy Biker Chick. (including, but not limited to) Cycling, adventuring, knitting, cooking and ranting [broken link]

  2. wannabe bike girl (0/449) / 0
    I am not a Lance girl. I am a cycling girl. I will some day live and breathe the sport. but for right now, I am just a girl who writes about cycling. [broken link]

  3. Arsbars (0/368) / 0
    daily banter about a girl, and her bikes. [broken link]

  4. gwadzilla rants (0/362) / 0
    these are my rants on cycling and on life there is a perspective that someone develops when they see the world from the perspective of two wheels [broken link]

  5. Open Road (0/328) / 0
    A blog about bicycling... [broken link]

  6. Terry's Cycling Diary (0/318) / 0
    A daily diary about events or lack of them, on my 11 mile commute in leafy Surrey, England. Find out how the bike and I stand up to the strain of cycling all year round in all weather. Also be prepared to put up with the occasional rant. [broken link]

  7. Compositions gundog99 (0/281) / 0
    Blog of the life and times of gundog99 [broken link]

  8. Bike Nerd Across the World (0/277) / 0
    Biking around the world in small increments. [broken link]

  9. DT's Fat Boy Deluxe Blog (0/252) / 0
    It's not that bicycling is so important, it is that everything else is equally unimportant. [broken link]

  10. BikeLog (0/248) / 0
    Personal comments and reflections on bicycle related stuff. [broken link]

  11. Miles to Go (0/204) / 0
    It took me 33 years to find my place in the sports world. Now that I'm here, I don't plan on going anywhere. Cycling is what I want to do and where I want to be. I'm still learning, so join me on my ongoing journey to being a cyclist after 30. Because it's never too late. Right? [broken link]

  12. cfsmtb in low earth orbit (0/179) / 0
    cfsmtb in low earth orbit is a irregular, mildly organised and irrevalent look at topics pertaining to cycling and sustainable transport in Australia and overseas. At present this blog is pretty much Melbourne-based,'cos that's where I reside. Fun topics of conversation include cars, car-free, critical mass, cycling issues, cycling advocacy, peak oil, smog, safety issues, SUV/4WD issues, local and national transport items and possibly all sorts of stray ephemera that gets caught in between. I adore bicycles, and as the great Wilf Lunn once uttered, "You learn something new every day if you're not careful....." [broken link] 

  13. Go By Bicycle (0/169) / 0
    Why go by bicycle? Remember when you first learned to ride a bike? Think back for a second. It's just as much fun now as it was then. The bicycle is the most efficient form of transportation ever invented. Half of all transit in the United States is six miles or less round trip, a distance easily made on a bicycle. So try it. Go by bicycle. [broken link]

  14. Fat Guy Cycling (0/164) / 0
    Me: Avid cyclist, aka fixedgear. I've actaully completed a couple of centuries on my fixie. My brother, aka Fat Guy. I said "Anyone can complete a century with a modicum of training and discipline." He said I will purchase a bike, try to try, and blog the results. [broken link] 

  15. Life in London (0/149) / 0
    Life in London, under the heavy influence of cycling, caffeine, and urban drama. [broken link]

  16. Cycloblog (0/140) / 0
    A cycling weblog. All the latest news, results and rumours from the biggest races. [broken link]

  17. CycleDog (0/132) / 0
    Commuting and racing from the warped perspective of middle age, written by a (former) bicycle shop mechanic, League cycling instructor, and bicycle advocate. [broken link] 

  18. Bike Riding Donut Guy (0/130) / 0
    Just a bunch of assorted ramblings from some old guy that makes donuts and rides bikes. [broken link] 

  19. gwadzilla (0/128) / 0
    Rants on Cycling and on Life [broken link]

  20. Cindie's Multi-Year Around the World daily Blog (0/128) / 0
    Cindie Travis is 3 years into a bicycle tour that will never end. She writes her Blog in her tent while camped on the side of the road and in cheap hotels. Cindie has traveled through Mexico, Central America, and South America. You can also check out her popular web site which also has over 7,000 pictures from the road. She is currently traveling in Asia this year but also has immediate plans fo Australia, New Zealand, and a couple years in Africa! [broken link]
  21. First and Last and Always (0/116) / 0
    A chick with a road bike in Minneapolis [broken link]

  22. Your Car Door is a Deathtrap! (0/112) / 0
    A place where people can post stories and comments related to car door / bicycle collisions. [broken link]

  23. Random Concoction (0/112) / 0
    Where my bike takes me, I report [broken link] 

  24. Oldman (0/110) / 0
    Follow an average 50 something guy as he trains for the Kona Ironman in 2006 [broken link]

  25. The View from Waterloo (0/108) / 0
    A column by Zap Espinoza. [broken link] 

  26. Martin's Bike Lane Diary (0/107) / 0
    A Photo Blg about cycling in Toronto mixed with anti-car politics. [broken link] 

  27. Single Speed Mafia (0/106) / 0
    Rants about riding and riding log. [broken link]

  28. Tour de France (0/104) / 0
    Recent Stories on le Tour de France. [broken link] 

  29. Velo Veneto - Ciclismo Italiano ! (0/104) / 0
    My thoughts on racing in the US and Italy. [broken link]

  30. Endless Wheel (0/104) / 0
    Reflections of a fixed-gear randonneur [broken link]
  31. maillot jaune (0/103) / 0
    Every cyclist dreams of wearing le maillot jaune. For most it is only a dream. For some a day in it is the pinnicle of thier career. And then for a select few... They get to start the next tour wearing it. [broken link]
  32. Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams (0/102) / 0
    'cross, road, mtb, life [broken link] 
  33. Melbourne Cycling tales (0/101) / 0
    From its humble "velocipedes" beginings in the early 19th century, the bicycle has come a long way. All the way to melbourne! This blog is basically a diary of my rides and thoughts on cycling. Feel free to drop me a line or join me in my pedelling around Melbourne. [broken link] 
  34. Velorution (0/101) / 0
    Dismantling the car econmy, celebrating bicycle culture [broken link] 
  35. Believe Tyler (0/93) / 0
    But in September, Tyler Hamilton, an icon in the sport of cycling and the hero to many, was accused of doping. His life was literally turned around in a matter of minutes. His career is in jeopardy and his impeccable reputation tarnished. In the short time that followed the accusation, Tyler won his Gold Medal for a second time but there is still a long, hard battle in the fight to defend his innocence to the UCI and WADA. [broken link] 
  36. Binnsy's Hovel (0/89) / 0
    A site about trying to fit cycling into a life dominated by full-time study, a love of film and music, and an interest in politics and current affairs. [broken link] 
  37. fixedgear (0/89) / 0
    Random musings on cycling, racing, touring, commuting, work, life and cetera. [broken link] 
  38. Surly Blog (0/86) / 0
    the blog for all things surly [broken link] 
  39. Bikin' Bis (0/86) / 0
    My blog is aimed at bicycle touring -- encouraging folks to get out on their bikes and take a look around. Other topics include cycling for those 50 and older (that's my crowd), fitness, news from bike makers, and updates on Lance Armstrong and other cycling personalities. [broken link] 
  40. Blue Collar Mountain Biking (0/83) / 0
    Mountain Biking for the Everyday Man. [broken link]
  41. Sal Stories (0/81) / 0
    Dreams, Ramblings, Cycling, Movies, Cats, Etc. The best blog ever!!! [broken link]
  42. Skidmarks (0/81) / 0
    "Blood stains, speed kills   Fast cars, cheap thrills   Rich girls, fine wine   I've lost my sense, I've lost control, I'm lost my mind"   - Agent Orange "Blood Stains" [broken link] 
  43. The Neutral Zone (0/79) / 0
    Mindless banter and opinions about the world of pro cycling and riding in general. [broken link]
  44. Miles (0/79) / 0
    Building and riding bikes in San Francisco. [broken link] 
  45. Bicycle Touring Zone (0/77) / 0
    Bicycle Touring Info, Links, Trips, Tools and more [broken link] 
  46. The Bike Evangelist (0/73) / 0
    Retail Diary of a bike boutique in Dayton, Ohio. [broken link] 
  47. Retro Grouch Moto Club (0/72) / 0
    The RGMC unites cyclist world wide sharing a common belief - we are riders and the rest are weenies. In short we are everything they are not. Techno Weenies worship bright and shinny things and believe that more is better. The false idols of technology lure the lemmings to slaughter every new cycling season with the passage of interbike. A skinny ass chain with some narrow spaced cogs are a holy grail to the week of mind. They are suckered into believing that 10 is better than 9, when in reality 6 is all you need! Since when is a ten speed rear cassette going to get you up a climb any better than a six speed free wheel. It is the muscle, sinew, bone and the mind that haul the machine up the hill. If reality and harsh language are too low brow for your tastes I recommend you head on back to your Wednesday night group role playing games or star trek conventions. [broken link] 
  48. Peloton Blog (0/72) / 0
    Bike racing news and comments on both US and Europe. Also reviews of bike racing books fiction, non-fiction, and training guides. [broken link] 
  49. Cycling Dude, The (0/72) / 0
    Do U Bicycle? Dedicated to the proposition that bike riding is good for you and fun. Commentary, bicycling events, links, news, opinion, reviews, stories, travelogue ( with route details ). An ordinary road cyclist, and commuter, spreads the word from Costa Mesa, Ca., and the word is BICYCLE! [broken link]
  50. Ride to Life (0/72) / 0
    biking is a spiritual journey, road, mountain or training. It has enhanced my life 100%. This blog covers the journey [broken link] 
  51. Tyre Trax (0/71) / 0
    Track, So Cal racing, and the occasional Estonian [broken link] 
  52. Lunatic Biker (0/69) / 0
    About biking and the ramblings that go on inside my pea brain. [broken link] 
  53. Bike Forums (0/68) / 0
    Bicycle Forums. [broken link] 
  54. bikecentric (0/66) / 0
    Bike slant from the Mid-Atlant'. Ride, write, recycle. [broken link]
  55. fatmarc (0/65) / 0
    i am a guy, i enjoy riding my single speed mountain bikes, I like cyclocross, I love my wife. [broken link] 
  56. 1x8 of Hate (0/64) / 0
    Site dedicated to great rides and great friends. Occasional pissed off rants. OK, maybe more often than occasional... [broken link] 
  57. Team Married with Children, Full Time Job, No Genetic Talent (0/64) / 0
    Training BLOG for XC mountain biking, and general slice of life from a Vet Sport, married with children, with full time job and no genetic talent [broken link] 
  58. The Bay Area Velo Girls (0/63) / 0
    The San Francisco Bay Area's only road cycling club exclusively for girls and women. [broken link] 
  59. Jeff Kerkove - Pro Endurance Racer (0/63) / 0
    Just visit the site for a view of my training, sponsor goods, and other odd items that pop up while training and racing on the professional endurance race scene. [broken link]
  60. Go Clipless (0/62) / 0
    Commentary, Reviews, and Resources for Mountain Bikers (with a bias toward Northern Virginia) [broken link]
  61. Warrior Women (0/62) / 0
    A rather odd couple and their plan to quit everything to travel the world on bikes. Early preparations involve much talk of training and getting fitter. [broken link] 
  62. Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Cycle, Cycle, Too (0/61) / 0
    Lots of cycling during the Summer, running and dreaming of ice and sand free roads during the winter. [broken link] 
  63. Kona Enduro Team (0/59) / 0
    The life of 2 endurance mtb racers. Traveling the world in hopes of glory. [broken link] 
  64. Large Fella on a Bike (0/58) / 0
    A blog for folks who ride, want to ride, rode once long ago, have kids, no kids, are married, divorced, yet to be married, are male, are female, eat, don't eat, drink, don't drink, are fat, aren't thin, are thin, were thin, dream, wish, procrastinate, sleep too little-too much, are poor, or wealthy, love good food, adore junk food, think Bush is a good band, that he's a crap president, know how to build up their bike, haven't a clue what a saddle is... [broken link] 
  65. Longmont Bicycling (0/56) / 0
    All biking all the time in and around Longmont, Colorado, with side trips to Boulder, Weld County, Broomfield, Denver, the mountains, and wherever else my wheels and legs will take me. [broken link] 
  66. RogueMechanic (0/56) / 0
    Bringing you info relating to the cycling industry including repairs, upgrades, maintenance, technical info, opinions, views, photos and more. [broken link] 
  67. Velorution (0/54) / 0
    Dismantling the car economy, celebrating bicycle culture [broken link] 
  68. Ashwin Earl (0/54) / 0
    Training BLOG for a Vet Sport MTB racer. Married with Children, Full time Job and No Genetic Talent. [broken link] 
  69. on your left... (0/54) / 0
    one more racer who feeds his addiction. drug free! [broken link] 
  70. phatblog (0/52) / 0
    So far the only German Singlespeed-Blog. Not always about bikes, as Singlespeeding it totally overrated anyway [broken link] 
  71. Ride to Life (0/52) / 0
    Bicycling to wellness and fitness. The bicycle is the medium; life is the content. Digitally recorded. [broken link] 
  72. Bike Fun (0/49) / 0
    Bike Fun covers all things bike in and around Portland, Oregon...Bike Fun capital of the world! [broken link] 
  73. Tortoise and Hare Designs (0/49) / 0
    They are the current web host till we get our own domain. Website Coming Soon Powerpoint Templates eBay Templates Banner Advertising Online Marketing eBay Listing Blog-vertising Web Graphics Gorilla Marketing iPod Tattoos Stencil T-Shirts Check the eBay auctions. [broken link] 
  74. CruiserKing (0/49) / 0
    Daily News & Photos about Cruisers, Choppers and Customizing. [broken link] 
  75. Ride to Life (0/49) / 0
    eclectic bike-centric site about training, health & fitness for biking, and the spiritual aspects of cycling [broken link] 
  76. Blog Explosion (0/47) / 0
    Need more traffic to your BLOG? Join the internet's largest BLOG traffic generator! 100% FREE! - [broken link] 
  77. Joseph's Velomobile (0/47) / 0
    A blog about living a car free life in a challenging environment. And the first steps towards a possible solution-the velomobile. [broken link]
  78. my bike blog (0/46) / 0
    I ride every month of the year in Buffalo, New York, where, yes, we have been known to have long winters. Who cares! Ride anyway. [broken link] 
  79. bike blog (0/43) / 0
    Thomas lives and rides year-round in Buffalo, New York, where there are great places to ride a bike. [broken link] 
  80. (0/41) / 0
    The World Centre of Cycling. [broken link] 
  81. One Less Car (0/40) / 0
    This blog covers my experiences of cycling in Ireland and trying to convince my wife to use our car less. I also try to higlight stuff I find in the media about oil depletion etc. [broken link] 
  82. PedaWest (0/40) / 0
    Blog about an Epic Crosscountry Bicycle Adventure. [broken link] 
  83. George Hincapie - Professional Cyclist (0/39) / 0
    George Hincapie reinforced his reputation as America's premier Classics rider in 2001, coming through with the most prestigious European victory of his career, Gent - Wevelgem, while also winning America's newest premier event, the San Francisco Grand Prix. He is a seven-time Tour de France veteran and has played a pivitol role in Lance Armstrong's 4 victories. [broken link] 
  84. Single Speed Outlaw (0/39) / 0
    The Electronic Single Speed Magazine. This site is optimized to work for Single Speeders. Keep it Simple Stupid. [broken link] 
  85. Kona Midwest Enduro Mountain Bike Team (0/38) / 0
    The story of two young endurance racers on their quest for victory at the Transrockies Challenge, 24-hours Solo World Championships, and a number of Midwest endurance races. Sponsored by Kona, Maxxis, Fox Shox, and Oakley. [broken link] 
  86. Wandering Wrench (0/38) / 0
    Ex-pro XC racer turns Haro Team Mechanic "Traveling across the country with Billy Holmes" [broken link] 
  87. Tyler Hamilton dot com (0/34) / 0
    Tyler Hamilton [broken link] 
  88. HPV Sverige (0/33) / 0
    HPV Sweden a club for recumbents and Human Powered Vehicles [broken link] 
  89. Life in the fast lane of Tony Eason (0/33) / 0
    In June 2005, for my 8th Year, I will participate in an event to benefit the San Francisco AIDS Foundation called AIDS Lifecycle #4. Over the years, I have personally raised over $28,000.00 to assist in research, and AIDS services for individuals in need. Each year, I cycle 575 miles (from San Francisco to Los Angeles). Each year, I must raise a minimum of $2500.00 to participate. And each year, I complete the ride knowing I did the right thing. This year, during my 7 day jorney to Los Angeles, I will give an audio blog (journal) of my daily experiences. Take a look (smile). Iyengar Yoga Teacher, 8th Year, AIDS Benefit Cyclist, tony eason  [broken link] 
  90. Vicious Bikers (0/33) / 0
    Funny site from a group of hard core, childishly competitive cyclists who ride hard and play hard! [broken link] 
  91. Musings from the Disembodied Head (0/32) / 0
    The Disembodied Head makes comments on a range of topics: Music, Movies, TV, Sports, Food, Faith, Chicago Cubs, Baseball, Cycling, American Idol, Survivor, Alias, Amazing Race, Lost, PEZ, Disney, Oz, Travel, Books, Marriage, Family, Life, Lobster, News [broken link] 
  92. VinoVelo (0/30) / 0
    Blogging about biking (road, mountain, tandem, folding/commuting, fixed gear), wine and a host of rants on other topics by an Irishman living in NYC. [broken link] 
  93. Rad-Spannerei blog (0/29) / 0
    Blog of a bicycle mechanics collective in Berlin Germany. [broken link] 
  94. Mountaingoat News (0/29) / 0
    A total waste of time. [broken link] 
  95. able2ride (0/29) / 0
    A blog with great travel photos about our 18,730km tandem ride around Australia, and our journey from stroke recovery to get there. [broken link] 
  96. Masiguy (0/28) / 0
    A look into the happenings of Masi Bicycles through the commentary of Tim Jackson, Masi Brand Manager. Find out how the last race went or what is coming down the line from Masi. Entertainment and info in one location. [broken link] 
  97. pushies,pasta&protest (0/27) / 0
    rants and photos, follow a crazy nuter as he takes on the 24hr solo circuit on a battered hardtail... [broken link] 
  98. Asphalt Cycle Junkie (0/27) / 0
    One Cyclist's musings, rants and raves, about trails, people, nature and conditions, in the surrounding area of Chicago. [broken link] 
  99. Bike Me (0/26) / 0
    Living life on 2 wheels on the west coast of Canada. [broken link] 
  100. The CentralLondonCTC Blog (0/25) / 0
    Central London CTC rides & events, plus other reports from Central London riders. Cycling, walking, short stories and some tall tales. Submissions welcome to: A Saddlesore Production - [broken link] 
  101. BikeTown :: Blogger (0/25) / 0
    One of Bicycling Magazine's BikeTown winners for 2004. Losing weight and getting fit on a bike! Cycling CAN change your life. [broken link] 
  102. Fat Cyclist (0/24) / 0
    Watch in horror as a big puddle of goo tries desperately to whip himself into shape in time for a high-altitude MTB endurance race: The Leadville 100. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be glad you're not this guy. [broken link] 
  103. Big Ring Circus (0/24) / 0
    Sardonic look at big time rivalry in small town, Florida. The author pokes fun at roadies vs. off-roadies, gear mavens, his riding partners, and most of all himself. [broken link] 
  104. bicibrasil (0/22) / 0
    Bicycle touring in Southern Brazil. In Portuguese. [broken link] 
  105. The Cycliste Moderne (0/22) / 0
    Cycling news and commentary, by and for the common man. [broken link] 
  106. Making It Easier | A resource for mountain bikers (0/22) / 0
    Making It Easier is a resource for mountain bikers. Our main goal is to funnel information to our readers by providing them with access to original product reviews that our editorial team puts together and to mountain bike-related content created by other sources. [broken link] 
  107. nicomachus (0/21) / 0
    musings of a singlespeed mountain biker [broken link] 
  108. The Bike Evangelist (0/20) / 0
    The Bike Evangelist is Gary Boulanger, co-owner of Cycles Gaansari (, a fine bicycle establishment in Springboro, Ohio. [broken link] 
  109. Mitch Mans World (0/19) / 0
    I'm really into Skiing, Biking and Girls and thats what I spend all my time and money on! [broken link] 
  110. PedalWest (0/19) / 0
    A cycling BLOG about an Epic crosscountry bicyle adventure from East to West. [broken link] 
  111. birogeri's bikeblog (0/18) / 0
    Birogeri's hungarian bikeblog. Riding the hungarian roads. [broken link] 
  112. Bike Blog - rebuiding a bike (0/18) / 0
    i'm rebuilding an old mixte frame into my ideal bike [broken link] 
  113. Crazy Guy on a Bike (0/18) / 0
    A place for bicycle tourists and their journals. You can edit your journal, upload pics etc. Each journal gets a guestbook. There are also forums and other resources. The site is free to use and has (at time of posting) almost 600 journals, with over 45,000 pictures. [broken link] 
  114. The Bluebird Bicycle (0/16) / 0
    Details of a bike I built. Of interest, I suppose, to people into bike building or road bikes with 26" wheels (also known as 650B). Or people into, well, I don't know. There are also posts on fixed-gear bikes and city biking in general (NYC in particular). [broken link] 
  115. birogeri's bikblog (0/16) / 0
    Riding the hungarian roads [broken link] 
  116. Cherokee Spokespeople (0/16) / 0
    Not a blog. But a good cause. Spokecards are laminated cards that can be held in place by the spokes of a bicycle wheel, which bike messengers create as souvenirs for bike races and other messenger events. The international bike messenger community is a surprisingly close-knit network spanning major cities on six continents, so I am enlisting the aid of couriers to stage an international art exhibit on spokecards, Cherokee Spokespeople. [broken link] 
  117. Mountain Biking News, Information and Rides. (0/11) / 0
    Mountain Biking News, Information and Rides. A resource for trails, bike parts, new bikes, bike parts, and more. [broken link]
  118. Saint John Bicycle Network (0/8) / 0 an non-profit, unincorporated association advocating safe bicycle routes and trails for cyclists as well as other sustainable transportation initiatives in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. [broken link] 
  119. Seeing Albuquerque by Bicycle (0/1) / 0
    A stop and smell the roses bicycling guide to seeing Albuquerque, New Mexico during its Tricentennial year. Plenty of photos and advice on places to refill your water bottle. [broken link] 
  120. Toronto Bike Path Blockers (0/0) / 0
    This blog is dedicated to all the men and women who make bicycling in Toronto needlessly more dangerous and difficult for everyone. Posted here will be pictures of cars parked in bikepaths, and stories of other cyclist harrassment. [broken link]
    Online triathlon resource for gear, coaching and other endurance information

  122. Armchair Triathlete
    Spectating and analyzing triathlon and endurance sports from the inside

    Online dating service for athletes

    Canada's best collection of information, services and tools for the running community.

    Outstanding adventure racing site. Great source of news and information for adventure racers.

  126. Endurance Sports News
    James Raia, columnist for the Sacramento Bee, hosts this informative site

    Columnist for Runner's World and good running resource website

  128. LA Tri Club
    Tri club in Los Angeles - great resource even if you're not in Los Angeles

  129. Multisport Association
    Directory, discussions and news.

    The bicycle podcast directory

  131. Raceplan Coaching and Racing
    Raceplan Coaching and Racing works with athletes, young and younger, who have high athletic aspirations and day time obligations.
    A running and triathlon resource portal

  133. SLB Coaching and Training Systems
    Coaching for athletes at all levels. Train right, race well.

    Custom triathlon apparel

    Great running site

  136. Sports Guild
    1000s of links to all kinds of sports sites
    Interactive, personalized online coaching and consultations for triathletes, swimmers, runners and cyclists
    Virtual coaching site to upload training and nutrition history and plan your workouts.
    Training programs for athletes and coaching for triathlon, marathon, swimming, cycling, running, and more. Includes a collection of free training articles.
  140. Transition Times - Southern California Edition
    Articles and links specifically for Southern California triathletes.
  141. Transition Times - Colorado Edition
    Articles and links specifically for Colorado triathletes.
  142. Transition Times - Georgia Edition
    Articles and links specifically for Georgia triathletes.
  143. Transition Times - Massachusetts Edition
    All the latest news on the triathlon scene in and around Massachusetts and New England!
  144. Triathlon Yellow Pages yellow pages of endurance sports.
  145. Triathlon Week
    Message board, articles and more. Where triathletes connect.
    The Triathlon Club for North Georgia.
    A site dedicated to the female triathlete.
    The latest training tips, gear and races. "Fuel the Passion"
  149. Tri-Hard
    The most personalized triathlon and endurance sports coaching available!
    Official comment board for and the hottest triathlon forum on the web. Over 4000 athletes posting nearly 400,000 posts so far.
  151. US Trail Runner
    Site dedicated to trail running information
  152. USA Ultra Tri
    Home of the Virginia Double Iron and Virginia Triple Iron Triathlons

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